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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several frequently asked questions about the Site Store Pro Developer shopping cart. For more information, please visit

Can I apply my own custom design to the Site Store Pro shopping cart?
Yes! Site Store Pro works with any website design.  All the core cart functions are already coded, tested and ready-to-go and you simply have to integrate your own design into the store files or modify the included sample store to match your design requirements.  After you integrate your design and add your products via the included web-based admin area, you can launch your store!
What are the system requirements to run this cart on my hosting account (server)?
  • PHP | MySQL Version Requirements:

    • PHP 7.2 or Higher. (PHP 7.4 or PHP 8.1 Recommended).
    • Database : MySQL 5.6 Or Higher. (MySQL Server, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora-MySQL)
    • cURL enabled in PHP.
    • GD enabled in PHP.
    • PHP mail or access to SMTP mail server for outgoing store emails.
    • Min 75 MB Space Available For Store Files Installation. (300 MB Minimum Recommended)
    • Min 30 MB Available For MySQL Server Database. (100 MB Minimum Recommended)


    Adobe Dreamweaver Requirements (Optional)

    Dreamweaver 8.02 or higher. Dreamweaver CS6 or higher recommended. Installed on local machine.

    Dreamweaver is not required to use Site Store Pro. Site Store Pro works with any third party HTML editor/program. However Dreamweaver can be used to simplify and speed up website design integration with Dreamweaver Template (.DWT) support built into the Site Store Pro Dreamweaver Shopping Cart version.

Does Site Store Pro provide design integration assistance to help me apply my website design or WordPress theme to the shopping cart?
Yes, Site Store Pro provides full support and direct design integration assistance. For support options, please visit:
Is the Site Store Pro shopping cart available with a free trial?
Yes, you can download the shopping cart and test drive all the features on your own hosting account or server.  To download the shopping cart, visit :